“Brighton Rock” by Queen

27 06 2013

When I was 17,  I took a part-time job working at a Consumers Distributing in Leaside. My job was to show up when a truck needed to be unloaded and help move the merchandise from the truck to the shelves in the back room. My co-workers were other teenage guys and, to a man, their favourite band was Queen. (This was in the late 1970s, when they were more of a hard rock band.) So much so that when I pointed out that I liked Queen too, they assumed that I was pretending to like Queen in order to fit in. One guy actually asked me a question or two to try to trip me up. I passed.

I don’t listen to Queen much now, but I still like some of their early stuff. On “Brighton Rock”, Brian May has fun multi-tracking his guitar:

By the way, “Brighton Rock” is the title of a novel by Graham Greene (I haven’t read it).





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