“The Things That You Say That You Do” by Dressy Bessy

29 06 2013

While I’ll listen to almost anything (except for certain kinds of New Country and “My Sharona” by The Knack), I have to admit to certain biases. One of which is for cheerful indie rock or power pop. Here’s an example, from 2003:

When the snare drum rolls (I think that’s the right term) come in at 1:22 and 2:45 of this song, I find it almost impossible not to join in. Which makes people look at me strangely when I do it, but whatever. (If people aren’t looking at you strangely at least every now and again, you’re living your life wrong.)

Dressy Bessy are from Denver, Colorado, and formed in 1996. They feature guitarist/vocalist Tammy Ealom as frontwoman. Their website states that they are working on a new album that will be released in 2014, so I guess they’re still around.




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