“I Am What I Am” by OceanLab (Lange remix)

13 07 2013

Today’s entry is something a little different: it is something I heard when walking through a park in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood last Wednesday. Thanks to SoundHound, I know now what it is:

On listening to it again, I found that I didn’t really like the first three minutes or so that much. I’m not a huge fan of repetitive electronic beats. But I had the same reaction to the middle part that I did when I first heard it in the park at twilight: it’s sort of floating, and it’s kind of cool. Then it goes back to the electronic beats again, but what can you do?

I probably should learn more about this and other kinds of music, given that indie rock – my preferred genre – is played only by about 38 white college kids these days, and by old farts who are my age. I find that I need to know what all is out there – perhaps, eventually, this blog will document this.




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