“Indiana Wants Me” by R. Dean Taylor

26 07 2013

I first started listening to the radio when I was 10 years old, in 1970. This was one of the first songs I remember hearing:

Who can possibly resist a song that starts with a siren and ends with bursts of gunfire? And, because Taylor is Canadian, and radio stations had Canadian content regulations, I got to hear it all the time. Whee!

Taylor has an interesting history – I think I wrote about it on my old music blog way back in the day, but it’s worth repeating:

  • He started off as a Toronto-based rockabilly singer, had local chart hits, and then decided to move to Detroit to further his career
  • He was signed to a subsidiary of Motown in 1964, and wrote “My Ladybug (Stay Away From That Beatle)”, which was deemed not good enough for release
  • He charted in the UK in the late 1960s with “Gotta See Jane”. In the 1970s, his “Ghost In My House” charted there, and became popular as part of the Northern Soul movement
  • He became part of Motown’s leading songwriting team, The Clan, co-writing the Supremes’ “Love Child”, among others
  • “Indiana Wants Me” reached #5 in the US

Followup singles didn’t do as well, and Taylor left the music business in the 1980s. According to Wikipedia, he has recently started his own label, Jane Records. His official website was last updated in 2006.




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