“Rock Like This” by Blasterjaxx and Dave Till

5 08 2013

Who can resist linking to a song co-performed (is that a word?) by someone with the same name as me?

I found out about this when doing a random Google search for my own name (who hasn’t done this every now and again?). It was apparently released this past May. Finding this explained why I was getting the occasional odd Twitter reference – a few people have tweeted that they were listening to this song, and thought that @davetill linked to this guy. I was thinking that this was just random Twitter spam.

A bit of Internet digging reveals that Blasterjaxx are two young guys from (I believe) the Netherlands, and the other Dave Till is from Belgium. (It looks like “Dave Till” is his stage name, and his last name is something with more syllables in it.)

Unfortunately, I don’t particularly like this song – I’m not a fan of electronic dance music, possibly because I’m an old fart. I got about two and a half minutes into it before I hit Pause. But I can’t help but wish the other Dave Till the best of luck in his music career.




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